Thursday, 22nd September 2016.

Its almost the end of September again and after a very long break i am more than ready to start my second year in Textiles! – (again). Although the brief for module ADZ5777 Subject ‘Making connection’s the same as i attempted last year, i am excited to give it another go with a fresh mind and a new year ahead of me. I aim to prioritise on improving on my attendance, to ask more questions and to get more involved.
This brief is about finding out who we are as a designer. Im looking forward to exploring this as i do not yet know what kind of designer i aspire to be, what commercial design market interests and attracts me the most or what my skills and strengths are so far. This module will be about exploring and experimenting in all ways and i am hoping that by the end i will feel more confident as a designer.
To start we should research  at least 15 to 20 different companies across all 3 market areas of fashion, interior and paper based. I am unsure as to whether i should use last years research or to have a fresh start. A highlighted section on a the brief explains that we must consider each companies stance on ethical issues, environmental awareness, recycling programmes and sustainability intentions. I think this could be interesting to research worldwide companies based on these issues.


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