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Agent Provocateur is a globally recognised lingerie brand founded in 1994 and inspired by vintage underwear, theatre and fantasy. AP’s unique brand image is about confidence, being provocative, celebrating the female form, empowerment and femininity.

ethical issues/recycling programme/environmental awareness/sustainability:
I haven’t been able to find any information on Agent Provocateurs ethical issues, recycling programs, environmental awareness or sustainability. When searching for ‘Agent provocateur sustainability’ all that i can find is other companies asking you to nudge them to become more sustainable. If i was to chose them as my company to hypothetically commission me then perhaps it could be to help create a more sustainable collection.

In this video from the Agent Provocateur youtube channel the creative director, Sarah Shotton explains the inspiration and thoughts behind the brand.

I have always had a slight obsession with lingerie and would really like to gain the skills of making some myself. I like that that lingerie can be strong and empowering but can also be pretty and delicate. I also really like delicate fabrics such as lace and silk. I can see myself creating fabrics using devoué on velvet, designing a digital graphic print that could be printed onto silk or even perhaps embroidering onto mesh fabric. Lingerie and femininity are also subjects that are going to feature in my dissertation and is something that i’ve always been interested in. I think it would be great if i could tie the two subjects together. AP is also sponsoring and featuring in the ‘Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear’ exhibition in the V&A that i am visiting tomorrow, so i hope to get lots of information from this.




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