House of Hackney


House of Hackney are a British interior, fashion and lifestyle company based in London. They specialise in British made goods with a house stye that plays on typical english design. Their products range from dressing screens and bone china to wallpapers, stationary and clothing. All of these feature their signature prints that are inspired by english heritage but with modern interpretation.

ethical issues/recycling programme/environmental awareness/sustainability:
As a company they emphasise on quality and being made in England. They claim to use British made materials (other than Italian bed linens) and manufacturing. They support small, close to home industries and creating local employment. They also claim to be conscious about treating the environment with respect and care by supporting environmental groups such as the Woodland Trust, who create new woodland to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and creating new habitat to help wildlife adapt to climate change.

House of Hackneys prints are traditional but also bold and subversive for a modern statement. The print collections are made up of floral, foliage, whimsical, and animal repeat patterns that are available across most or all products. I am visually drawn to their bold floral patterns and rich colours – particularly, those with dark backgrounds.

I can really see myself designing for this company. Perhaps creating a digital design that can be used to create jacquard weaves or velvet for their curtains and sofas, or that can be printed onto wall paper, or maybe using techniques such as devoré and screen printing.



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