This morning we were split into smaller groups for tutorials. We took turns to share with each other what we had done so far and Keireine gave us each some feedback. It was really nice to see how others are collecting and presenting their research and gave me some ideas on how to improve my own. So far i have collected lots of screen shots and some great fabric and paper samples from some companies however myself and Keireine agreed that i should write up in my own words about them and perhaps document some onto my blog. Some students have created mood boards displaying products and a general feel of each company which made their research folder look professional and nicer to view. Others had documented all of their research on their blogs and incorporated youtube videos and other links which was also a really great and interesting way to show what they had researched so far. One student introduced the ‘SWOT’ analysis. This stands for Strengths, Weakness’, Opportunities and Threats. This is a great was to analyse and compare other companies when deciding who we want to work with as designers and id like to perhaps use this in the future.

By the end of this week i aim to have completed my research of 15-20 companies, documenting them online and nicely in my folder. I also aim to have chosen my top 3 that i want to look further into.


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