Did somebody call a doctor?

For this field module i will be learning about what it means to study a Doctoral Research Degree and how i might prepare for one in the future. In the next coming weeks i will be meeting Drs within the art school and listening to their stories on becoming one.
Although i wasn’t able to have an input on what i would have liked to study for field this year, i am glad that i’ve ended up in this group. I had no idea about post-graduate studies or what possibilities are available after completing my under-graduate degree, but todays seminar was full of useful information and I’m beginning to have an insight as to whats available to me in the future.
By the end of the project i would have created a short presentation on my own ideas for a possible research project.

What is a ‘PhD’?
‘PhD’ stands for ‘Doctor of Philosophy’. It is a type of degree that involves carrying out years of independent research on an original topic.

Before next session i need to come up with an idea for my own research project thats within my interest and present it to the group.


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