Goddesses and Monsters overview

Over the weeks of October and beginning of November i will be in the Goddesses and Monsters study group led by Catherine Davies. This module will be specifically looking at glamour and the grotesque within visual and material culture. We will be dissecting body parts; interior and exterior embodiments.  We will be looking at how visual and material culture construct and emphasise materiality in relation with embodiment. What characteristics of glamour and beauty are and why its synonymous with femininity. What does femininity mean in relation to textures and forms and consider how desirability is constructed. We will also be looking at the alternatives; the abject, the grotesque, the monstrous and how to artists and designers construct it. We will be exploring this through analysing film stars, and celebrities in photography and cinema showing notions of ideal bodies, glamour and femininity. As well as looking at mannequins in relation to embodiment and visible stitching as the threat of the body unraveling that constitutes monstrousity in horror movies, cartoons, ect.  We will discuss subjects such as constructions of gender, the body, materiality – textures and the connotations of textures, castration and female genetalia with teeth.


Within this study group are subjects that i think I’m going to be really interested in. Being a textile designer i am really interested in fabrics and textures. I am a huge fan of Alexander McQueen and  am looking forward to discussing his work in relation to the subjects in the module. I also have a recent obsession with lingerie and i think i will be able to relate this into my study group and possibly as a subject for my dissertation.


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