So far, i have fully researched into designers and design companies within the textile industry, presented a pecha kucha on my favourite and top 3 designers/design company, chose a final design company, created 4 mood boards and set myself a hypothetical brief. Although i struggled with the creating mood boards that i felt happy with and wanted to present, i have really enjoyed this part of the project! Particularly researching designers and companies as well as exploring the theme and imagery to accompany this.

I am about to enter week 8, which is 2 weeks in to drawing and image generation. I should be working towards a full body of drawings however i have none. Im really struggling with this part of the project. I don’t like any of the sketches or samples that i am producing. Im finding it difficult to participate in the workshops as i have no drawings to work from and I’m really far behind on this. I hope that i can put in some extra time in the studios and catch up within the next coming weeks.

I think i need to take a look at my theme again and condense it down so I’m more focused on a particular aspect. Although i need some drawings to work from by tomorrow for my print workshop so i don’t have much time.


Formative Assessment plan



  • Choose an image for 1,000 word analysis – theories and concepts arising within this module
  • This image can form the basis of further dissertation research
  • Diss planning – image analysis, possible angle to investigate, academic research into this area. (doesn’t have to)

‘How does Robert Kurtzman display notions of glamour and monstrosity in his film ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’?’
‘How does Robert Kurtzman engage both the audience within the film and the audience of the film in relation to desire and fear’

– Show a coherent angle of this assessment
– Relate to the study group
‘In this formative assessment i am going to explain how Robert Kurtzman displays notions of glamour as well as monstrosity though out his film ‘from dusk till dawn’ and how he engages with the audience as well as the film audience within the strip club. I am going to analyse the Salma Hayek’s dance scene, explaining and referring to characteristics of glamour and fetishism in comparison to the scene where she turns to a blood sucking vampire…….’ 

Describe, Analyse, Theory – Dance scene 

<include table here>

Describe, Analyse, Theory – Vampire scene


<include table here>

-Summaries the findings with possible links that could relate to my dissertation

Francis Bacon


These are all portraits of George Dyer, Painted by Francis Bacon. These all lack human form, but show reminders of the human face and body such as the ear, the arm, and the face. They are presented as monstrous bodies, yet they still hold something that is recognisable to us and our own bodies. This brings us the kind of anxieties that monstrous bodies will always bring up. Anything that deals with the liminal aspects of the body is a subconscious reminder that our bodies are like this already and is something that society and glamour is constantly trying to cover up and is unspoken of.

Agent Provocateur’s ‘Naughty or Nice’ campaign

A helpful fellow student informed me about Agent Provocateurs christmas campaign in regards to my research.  

Agent Provocateur’s #NaughtyOrNice Christmas campaign, starring Juno Temple.

Agent provocateur have created a film for their Christmas Campaign for 2016. Though out the film, Juno Temple plays both roles of naughty and nice, flicking between the two personalities shows perfect examples of Agent Provocateurs targeted customers. They contrast between a bedroom filled with pink interior, pale lingerie and a big stuffed cuddly bear – suggesting a sweet, innocent, ‘girl next door’ and a dark boudoir, featuring gothic, bondage-like lingerie suggesting the naughtier, sultry personality. This short film implies that AP cater for women of each personalities, or of both.

Personal Tutorial and Updated Mood boards

During a discussion about my mood boards to Keireine yesterday, i have decided to make some small changes in order to improve on them.

Theme/Concept:  Both Keireine and myself agree’d that it would be great to have some of my own imagery on this. Therefore, i have added a small painting, inspired by the autumn leaves, that i have scanned into photoshop and slightly manipulated. I have also used a photograph that i have taken recently at the yearly, Squibbing event that is a constant reminder for me of autumn and the start of colder nights and festivities. I didnt thank that my original mood board gave off the exact theme that i was hoping for and so i have also added more botanicals to capture the floral side of autumn. Id like to look at dried botanicals and leaves to capture decay. In relation to my hypothetical collection for Agent Provocateur, i can relate to their dark and romantic styles.
Some of the other images represent the cold, eerie atmospheres of Autumn/Winter. Keireine also suggested that i should get out at the crack of dawn to really capture this atmosphere for myself. Im hoping to produce layered drawings using tracing paper in reflection to these atmospheric scenes.

<insert updated theme/concept board here> 

Colour/Texture:  Although the chair in my original colour and texture board shows the colours and textures that i will be using, it is irrelevant to the market area that i have chosen and so I have removed it and replaced it with a devore printed shirt that i found and have previously mentioned on my blog.
All of these images imply that i will be using techniques such as embroidery and devore, and using fabrics such as silk, mesh, velvet and crushed velvet for my collection. These are all techniques and fabrics that are on trend and feature in the WGSN trend forecast that i am following of Earthed A/W 17/18. As this theme represents nature, velvet and silk feel warm, natural and pure against the skin during the colder months, these are often used for AP’s products for a luxurious feel. Mesh and devore fabric represent the cold atmospheres and irregular geological patterns that appear when the earth cracks and decays during the colder months. In relation to agent provocateur, these sheer fabrics reflect their flirtatious and seductive lingerie products by being partially see-though and revealing whats underneath.
This colour pallet has been taken from aspects of WGSN’s trend forecast of Earthed A/W 17/18. My colour pallet is made up of saturated brights and earthy darks of Autumn and Winter, while metallics represent the lights and explosions that feature during the festive months. These brighter colours will fit in with AP’s flirtatious, ‘girl next door’ style, while the darker colours relate to their style of dark and romantic.
When printed, the 4 key colour chips were almost cut off and so i have dragged them across to make them half chips.After Keireine’s suggestion, i have also replaced one of the main colour chips to a grey taken from the foggy atmospheres of my concept board.

<insert updated colour/texture board here>

Client Profile: I have previously stated that this collection will be created for women of age 20-50 years. On feedback, there isn’t enough imagery that suggests a woman of the 40-50 years category on this board, Although the luxurious bedroom could suggest a more mature woman.

<insert updated client profile board here>

Company Profile: As discussed, i have got rid of companies M&S and Adore me. Both of which are companies that play it more safe than the rest of the companies. This board should show competitive companies/designers that are equally as daring, a similar price range and design for the same customer needs.

<insert updated company profile board here>

Making Connections Schedule

I have created a weekly schedule to follow during my Making Connections module. By following this i hope to achieve each weekly plan in order to keep organised and successfully complete this module.  I hope that i will be able to edit each week in further detail nearer the time in order to complete specific goals such as what technique i will be using and what specific workshop i will be signing up for ect.

WEEK 7; 7th NOV

  • Attend print and dye workshop and produce print samples related to my theme.
  • Attend weekly cohort meeting, personal tutorials, and studio design lecture ‘Designer Specialist Techniques’.
  • Produce and complete 10-12 samples of 10×10 size using different specialist techniques
  • Use feedback to update hypothetical design brief, schedule, and mood boards.
  • Prepare for next weeks print workshop
  • Update Blog

WEEK 8; 14th NOV

  • Attend print and dye workshop and produce print samples related to my theme.
  • Attend weekly cohort meeting, personal tutorials, and studio design lecture ‘Colour Theory’.
  • Produce and complete colour theory samples
  • Sign up and prepare for next weeks workshop
  • Update Blog

WEEK 9; 21st NOV

  • Attend print workshop (previously signed up for) print and layer on top of previous samples during Monday morning
  • Attend paper workshop during Monday afternoon
  • Attend weekly cohort meeting, personal tutorials
  • Produce and complete drawings and development
  • Sign up and prepare for next weeks workshop
  • Update Blog

WEEK 10; 28th Nov

  • Attend workshop
  • Attend lecture on types of design
  • Sign up and prepare for next weeks workshop
  • Read guidelines for formative assessment point, make a checklist
  • Gather and finalise all work for formative assessment point

WEEK 11; 5th DEC

  • Attend Workshop
  • Finalise presentation of work
    – A4 file of research of 3 market areas
    – A4 file showing 9 chosen design companies (clearly defined sub categories)
    – Uploaded pecha kucha presentation
    – Body of drawing and mark making
    – Technical files for each workshop
    – 4 A3 concept mood boards and in digital format
    – Hypothetical Design Brief
    – Selected blog entries
    – 250-500 word reflective statement
  • Give an oral presentation of work
  • Update blog entry including presentation of module to date


  • keep up to date with on trend blogs, journals and WGSN trend report for chosen theme.

WEEK 12; 16th JAN

WEEKS 13-16; 23rd Jan – 17th FEB

  • Sign up for workshops in advance
  • Attend Wednesday workshops
  • Document introductions in technical files, learn new skills and further current skills and keep blog up to date. Keep subject theme in mind.

WEEK 17; 20th FEB

  • Read and familiarise with the module brief
  • Revisit previous work to reconnect
  • Display all work, formative assessment point
  • Attend technical workshops, Sign up in advance

WEEK 18; 27th FEB

  • Prepare for crocus workshop (see moodle)
  • Attend weekly cohort meeting, personal tutorials, and studio design lecture & Workshop ‘Croquis Designs and Placements’.
  • Prepare for and attend technical workshop and produce samples

WEEK 19; 6th MARCH

  • Develop and refine drawings, croquis, image placement
  • Attend weekly cohort meeting, personal tutorials, and studio design lecture & Workshop ‘Repeating Structures’
  • Prepare for and attend technical workshop and produce samples
  • Prepare for London trip next week

WEEK 20; 13th MARCH

  • Develop and refine drawings, croquis, image placement, repeating structures
  • Attend weekly cohort meeting, personal tutorials
  • London trip to Chelsea Harbour Interior Design Studios

WEEK 21; 20th MARCH

  • Develop and refine drawings, croquis, image placement, repeating structures
  • Attend weekly cohort meeting, personal tutorials
  • Prepare for and attend technical workshop and produce samples

WEEK 22; 28th MARCH

  • Formative feedback assessment point
  • Display of work and oral presentation
  • Prepare for and attend technical workshop and produce samples

WEEK 23; 24th APRIL

  • Clear the studio of my work
  • Attend weekly cohort meeting, personal tutorials

WEEK 24-30; 1st APRIL-26th JUNE

  • Help degree show build

Hypothetical Design Brief

I have updated my hypothetical design brief after discussing it in my personal tutorial today. Actions agreed:

  • Input my name, the date, and the module number
  • Condense 1st and 2nd paragraph
  • Correct spelling mistakes
  • Write a sentence on my aim
  • Define my objectives (HOW am i going to do this, IDENTIFY fabrics, ect.)
  • Include a timetable


Hypothetical Design Brief

I will be designing a collection of fabrics for British lingerie brand Agent Provocateur, for them to use in their Autumn/Winter 17/18 collection. Agent Provocateur, founded in 1994 by Joseph Corré and Serena Rees, are well known for producing playful, sexy and luxurious lingerie for women and their boundary pushing campaigns. They are inspired by film and vintage lingerie. Agent Provocateur believe that your lingerie is the most important thing that we put on everyday and so they aim to create luxurious lingerie that fits perfectly, is individual and to make all women feel empowered and confident. To do this they carefully select luxurious fabrics and materials.

The target customers for Agent Provocateur are women that are a age of 20-50 years and in the social geographic groups of A, B, or C1. These women are independent and want high end luxury lingerie to wear from the boardroom to the bedroom. They want the next big thing in lingerie fashion and they want to feel comfortable but also confident. They want their lingerie to fit beautiful, to be exquisite, and to be functional during their social, active and creative lifestyles as well as knowing that they are wearing the most stylish and finest quality lingerie against their skin.

My collection of fabric designs will be suitable for Agent Provocateurs Autumn/Winter 17/18 products by creating designs that are on trend for that season. I will be following trend forecasts such as WGSN as well as reading magazines. I will keep in mind AP’s  flirtatious and luxurious style as well as attempting to make them more sustrainable when designing and selecting fabrics. I will also consider the targeted customer and the product that it will be made into. My designs can be produced on fabric that can later be used for Agent Provocateurs constructed products.

My aim is to create and professionally present a textiles collection of fabrics that will be used for Agent Provocateurs constructed lingerie and nightwear products of Autumn/Winter 17/18 for their customers of 20-50 years.


  • To obtain Agents Provocateur’s fabric quality and luxurious feel by using fabrics such as silk, satin, velvet, chiffon ect.
  • To follow WGSN’s trend forecast and their ‘Earthed’ theme for 2017/18 by following their online trend reports.
  • To produce a body of drawings, mark makings and photographs of the outdoors during Autumn and Winter for inspiration.
  • To develop drawings, mark makings and photographs by scanning and manipulating them on digital programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • To document all development either on my blog, in my sketch book or in my technical files.
  • To research new made natural fabrics that are more sustainable
  • To experiment with fabrics and materials that would be suitable for AP’s lingerie
  • To experiment with new dye, print and digital techniques such as foil printing and digital stitch
  • To further my technical skills with those that I am already familiar with such as screen printing, digital illustration, hand embroidery and free machine embroidery
  • To document and log all technical information, processes and techniques used on my blog and in my technical files.
  • To produce a range of samples and designs on carefully considered and chosen fabrics
  • To present a final collection professionally by making sure that they are trimmed and mounted at a professional standard.

My collections of designs for Agent Provocateur will be produced on fabric and professionally presented. They will be within the flirtatious, feminine style of AP and on trend for Autumn/Winter 2017/18 attracting females that want individual and stylish fabrics used in their lingerie. I will be considering the environment where possible and this will hopefully attract customers that care about ethic issues.

I think that the ‘Earthed’ theme will fit in well with Agent Provocateurs house style. The colour pallet will reflect from the warm saturated colours of autumn which fit in well with AP’s warm and romantic style. Wild floral prints will also fit well with their feminine and playful feel. I will be using the current British autumn to inspire me for primary research and I will create drawings and photographs and create stitch and print samples from this. I will also visit exhibitions such as the V&A’s Undressed exhibition to inspire me and by visiting national parks such as the Quantocks in Somerset.

I will be experimenting with new print, dye, stitch and digital techniques to push and enhance my technical skills. I will be experimenting with digital illustration and CAD to manipulate my illustrations, initial drawings and photographs and creating repeat patterns where necessary. I will also be researching other designers and artists to inspire me to experiment and to explore my theme and my final focus will be a focus on professional presentation.