Design Company Presentation

I presented my 3 chosen design companies to Kierene and some other students today and although it didn’t go as well as planned, i always like hearing feedback on any of my work. I had rehearsed for my presentation, but during the first couple slides i was completely lost and forgot all of my words. I struggle when presenting anything if i see it as a script because i feel pressured as if it has to be perfect and copied word to word. Whereas, if i gave each of my slides a subject to prompt myself i could have confidently spoken about it as if in conversation.

Feedback from peers:

  • To improve, use a systematic template though out. Include my name/logo on each slide and a clear sub heading to group slides together
  • Images were too dark and unclear when on the projector however a good selection of images were used
  • When discussing sustainability focus on all positives and not negatives
  • A great link to film was used
  • Presentation was not good – there were pauses and i had forgotten my words

As well as agreeing with all of the above, I think that i had a loud, clear voice through out and showed passion for my work and the design companies. I should include websites showing where i’ve taken information and images from at the end of the slide. I don’t feel as though i have a very good vocabulary in terms of design, the other students had really good use of professional langue and words to describe pieces of work. I’d like to improve my vocabulary and will be reading more design books, blogs and journals to do so.