Autumn Inspiration



I am in love with the devore print on the Topshop Devore Plunge Swing top. I could imagine this fabric used for some high waisted knickers and a matching triangle shaped bra. Or perhaps used to make a cushion cover in a house of hackney style. I have recently bought some blue stretch velvet which i’d love to experiment with using the devore technique. The print on the right, also topshop, inspires me to create some digital prints that could be printed onto silk.


Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 11.20.49.png

Tessa creates beautiful floral hand embroideries of which i came across through Instagram and have been following for some time. I have recently created some of my own floral embroidery for my ‘Making Connections’ project.


Cassandra is a painted and illustrator, another of which i have been following on Instagram. I am particularly interested in her hand paintings of flowers and plants. She draws her inspiration from botanical gardens and second hand books and paints onto cardboard, or onto pre-owned and unloved hand bags using gouache and acrylic paint.


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