As its halloween weekend it is a perfect time to watch and analyse films that are on current TV in relation to my constellation studies, as well lounging around on my day off from work! All of the films that i’ve watched today show perfect examples of goddesses and monsters.


The Corpse Bride – Tim Burton

Set in the Victorian, late 1800’s, Victor is set to marry beautiful Victoria. But when Victor practices his wedding vowels on what he thinks is a branch he actually takes the hand of corpse bride, Emily. Tim Burton shows strong connotations of glamour and the grotesque that are often used in film. Here are some aspects of the film that links to my studies to far:

  • This story plays on the notion between the living and the living dead. The dead are liminal because they are neither dead or alive. We fear the liminal.
  • The corpse bride, Emily, is constantly dropping an arm or a leg, her bones are showing, bits of clothes have been ripped off ect. This shows the monstrous characteristic and the fear of unravelling and falling apart.
  • Both brides are in perfect silhouettes of which fashioned at that time and therefore are examples of the idea woman. – History of Underwear exhibition



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