Personal Tutorial and Updated Mood boards

During a discussion about my mood boards to Keireine yesterday, i have decided to make some small changes in order to improve on them.

Theme/Concept:  Both Keireine and myself agree’d that it would be great to have some of my own imagery on this. Therefore, i have added a small painting, inspired by the autumn leaves, that i have scanned into photoshop and slightly manipulated. I have also used a photograph that i have taken recently at the yearly, Squibbing event that is a constant reminder for me of autumn and the start of colder nights and festivities. I didnt thank that my original mood board gave off the exact theme that i was hoping for and so i have also added more botanicals to capture the floral side of autumn. Id like to look at dried botanicals and leaves to capture decay. In relation to my hypothetical collection for Agent Provocateur, i can relate to their dark and romantic styles.
Some of the other images represent the cold, eerie atmospheres of Autumn/Winter. Keireine also suggested that i should get out at the crack of dawn to really capture this atmosphere for myself. Im hoping to produce layered drawings using tracing paper in reflection to these atmospheric scenes.

<insert updated theme/concept board here> 

Colour/Texture:  Although the chair in my original colour and texture board shows the colours and textures that i will be using, it is irrelevant to the market area that i have chosen and so I have removed it and replaced it with a devore printed shirt that i found and have previously mentioned on my blog.
All of these images imply that i will be using techniques such as embroidery and devore, and using fabrics such as silk, mesh, velvet and crushed velvet for my collection. These are all techniques and fabrics that are on trend and feature in the WGSN trend forecast that i am following of Earthed A/W 17/18. As this theme represents nature, velvet and silk feel warm, natural and pure against the skin during the colder months, these are often used for AP’s products for a luxurious feel. Mesh and devore fabric represent the cold atmospheres and irregular geological patterns that appear when the earth cracks and decays during the colder months. In relation to agent provocateur, these sheer fabrics reflect their flirtatious and seductive lingerie products by being partially see-though and revealing whats underneath.
This colour pallet has been taken from aspects of WGSN’s trend forecast of Earthed A/W 17/18. My colour pallet is made up of saturated brights and earthy darks of Autumn and Winter, while metallics represent the lights and explosions that feature during the festive months. These brighter colours will fit in with AP’s flirtatious, ‘girl next door’ style, while the darker colours relate to their style of dark and romantic.
When printed, the 4 key colour chips were almost cut off and so i have dragged them across to make them half chips.After Keireine’s suggestion, i have also replaced one of the main colour chips to a grey taken from the foggy atmospheres of my concept board.

<insert updated colour/texture board here>

Client Profile: I have previously stated that this collection will be created for women of age 20-50 years. On feedback, there isn’t enough imagery that suggests a woman of the 40-50 years category on this board, Although the luxurious bedroom could suggest a more mature woman.

<insert updated client profile board here>

Company Profile: As discussed, i have got rid of companies M&S and Adore me. Both of which are companies that play it more safe than the rest of the companies. This board should show competitive companies/designers that are equally as daring, a similar price range and design for the same customer needs.

<insert updated company profile board here>


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