Formative Assessment plan



  • Choose an image for 1,000 word analysis – theories and concepts arising within this module
  • This image can form the basis of further dissertation research
  • Diss planning – image analysis, possible angle to investigate, academic research into this area. (doesn’t have to)

‘How does Robert Kurtzman display notions of glamour and monstrosity in his film ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’?’
‘How does Robert Kurtzman engage both the audience within the film and the audience of the film in relation to desire and fear’

– Show a coherent angle of this assessment
– Relate to the study group
‘In this formative assessment i am going to explain how Robert Kurtzman displays notions of glamour as well as monstrosity though out his film ‘from dusk till dawn’ and how he engages with the audience as well as the film audience within the strip club. I am going to analyse the Salma Hayek’s dance scene, explaining and referring to characteristics of glamour and fetishism in comparison to the scene where she turns to a blood sucking vampire…….’ 

Describe, Analyse, Theory – Dance scene 

<include table here>

Describe, Analyse, Theory – Vampire scene


<include table here>

-Summaries the findings with possible links that could relate to my dissertation


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