So far, i have fully researched into designers and design companies within the textile industry, presented a pecha kucha on my favourite and top 3 designers/design company, chose a final design company, created 4 mood boards and set myself a hypothetical brief. Although i struggled with the creating mood boards that i felt happy with and wanted to present, i have really enjoyed this part of the project! Particularly researching designers and companies as well as exploring the theme and imagery to accompany this.

I am about to enter week 8, which is 2 weeks in to drawing and image generation. I should be working towards a full body of drawings however i have none. Im really struggling with this part of the project. I don’t like any of the sketches or samples that i am producing. Im finding it difficult to participate in the workshops as i have no drawings to work from and I’m really far behind on this. I hope that i can put in some extra time in the studios and catch up within the next coming weeks.

I think i need to take a look at my theme again and condense it down so I’m more focused on a particular aspect. Although i need some drawings to work from by tomorrow for my print workshop so i don’t have much time.


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