I have just finished reading Elle Decorations February ’17 issue on key trends and i am in love with the metallic finishes, rich and luxurious materials, wooden surfaces and the colour green that has featured though-out.

Verdigris is a finish that is new to me. It is a natural process that occurs when copper, bronze or brass is exposed to air and creates a turquoise patina. Designers are speeding up this natural process to create a weathered copper look upon products. For example, Novacolor have created a wall covering that consists of a copper base coat and an oxidative finish that creates this weathered copper effect and Lex Pott have designed a collection of vases that explores metals such as copper and iron. Their vases consist of each metal that has been oxidised in contrast to their polished state.

All of these designs make me think back to the WGSN trend forecast ‘Earthed’ for Autumn/Winter 2017-18, inspired by irregular geological patterns, cold, harsh, natural surfaces such as marble and wood and weathered surfaces as quoted, “Designs will be increasingly ‘grown’ rather than ‘made’, using bacteria and other processes.”.  Other on trend  textures are rich but also contrast these harsh surfaces such as soft velvet and suede. Re-occuring colours are rich, natural greens, and browns.


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