Critical design
Using design fiction and speculative design proposals to challenge conceptions about the role that objects play in everyday life. Duanne and Raby are a company that has popularised design fiction and describes it as an attitude and a position rather than a method. They use design as a medium to stimulate discussion amongst designers, industries and the public.

Science Fiction vs Design Fiction
Problem Solving – Problem finding
Provides answers – Asks Questions
How the world is – How the world could be
Fictional functions – Fictional Facts

We have been asked to propose a ‘what if’ scenario of our choice. We should imagine a fictional world in which this scenario exists and propose some design prototypes. This scenario could be in the form of narrative boards, illustrations, installations, short films, critical design objects, renders, prototypes, ect. We should present something that is unfinished, as the aim is to raise discussion and debate within the rest of the group.



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