Digital Repeat

I haven’t used illustrator before so this is a big challenge for me. After attempting to teach myself the basics via youtube tutorials, I have selected some shapes from a previous croquis design psd and brought them into Illustrator.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 22.05.32.png

The tile outlined in blue shows my original pattern swatch. I have created a swatch by dragging the objects into the swatches tab. ‘Object’ drop down menu > pattern > make.
Here in the pattern options i can change the repeat type. This one is a ‘Brick by Row’ repeat.

Hex by Collum.jpg

This is a Hexagon by Column repeat. The top left square is my pattern swatch. Although you can see the hexagon shapes, its not clear where my original square begins and ends. Helen always says that the repeats that you can’t see the original outlines are the best ones! Although this did take me a couple of hours..

Brick repeat.jpg

This last one is a basic brick repeat. I have also learned how to add in a background colour and have played around with the width, height and spacing of my repeating pattern.


As my designs are abstract, once repeated they don’t look so much like the satellite imagery as i intended. I hope that the inspiration of satellite imagery for these pieces are still visible.


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