Formative assessment and self reflective statement


I have just reached my formative assessment point and the end of the term. Many of the submission criteria are not completed, however, i am really happy with how far i’ve come over the past month or so.

I have chosen to design a collection of digital prints for British interior, fashion and lifestyle company House of Hackney. Displayed above, are 6 of my designs that i chose to display for my oral presentation. They are all digitally printed, paper prototypes and are inspired by satellite imagery.

Although i have succeeded in presenting 6 of my designs on paper, i have failed to present any of my designs in fabric or shown evidence of specialist techniques such as print, dye or stitch – this is because i did not yet have any completed and will therefore be marked as a non submission. I would love to get some of these designs digitally printed and foil printed. I would also love to use devore and puff binder, particularly with the designs that show different shades of colour.

I will also be marked as a non submission for presenting a design in at least 2 different colour ways as i had a misunderstanding of what this meant.  I assumed that this was to show one of our designs as different colour ways within our chosen colour chips. However, after discussing this with Keiriene and the other students during the feedback point, i now know that they are supposed to be presented in alternative colour ways outside of our chosen colour chips in order to present to the client that as a designer i am able to work within alternative colours.

I also received some positive feedback such as that my designs have been mounted and presented nicely. I agree with this. Helen had also taught me to use celotape as well as double sided tape so that i can replace my designs without ripping the paper if i need to. Other feedback was that my oral presentation skills were good and that all of my designs flow and co-ordinate together. I initially chose the bottom 3 designs as co-ordinates, but it is possible that they could all be seen together.

As they are all in digital format, they are versatile and can be printed onto fabric, paper or ceramics – i can particularly see these designs on a wide range of stationery products. The other students suggested that i should create CAD visuals to display this and to show my designs within different scales for different products

As this is a formative assessment point, i still have until the summative feedback point, June 5th, to complete my collection – I aim to be very busy until then! I really enjoy formative assessment points and oral presentations to other students as it produces constructive feedback that i am able to work on. It is also a chance for others to point out somethings that i would not have noticed and to see what other peoples opinions are on my designs. Once i have received my written feedback i will use it to correct and move forward with this project.

For the previous formative assessment point in December, i was marked as a non-submission due to not presenting the work that i had completed up to date. I had delivered a pecha kucha, but my presentation skills were extremely poor and my attendance had been also. I have really made a huge improvement since then and i hope that this shows through my work. I have orally presented my work which has helped me as i have received feedback to work from and my attendance has improved which has helped my understanding of the project a lot more and made my experience more enjoyable.


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