Field Level 5 Completion


As discussed with Sally, i will be undertaking a new project in order to complete my level 5 Field module. This project will go under the theme of ‘Biodegradable textiles for lingerie’. I aim to create a minimum of 10 samples, drawing inspiration from my subject module theme of ‘Satellite imagery’. I will also be supporting these designs with CAD visuals in order to provide a visual representation of what these samples may look like on key pieces of lingerie for Autumn/Winter ’17/18.
I have chosen to use paper as my biodegradable textile for this project. I have collected free magazines from various high street fashion shops which i aim to manipulate into various textures and patterns inspired by WGSN’s women’s textile’s trend forecast for Autumn/Winter ’17/18, which i have previously researched within my Subject Module. Techniques that i will use will be: collaging, cutting, layering, weaving, stitching, and folding/pleating. From this i will be creating designs that reflect patterns taken from WGSN’s Earthed trend forecast such as ‘Chameleon stripes’, ‘Camouflaged’, ‘Raw grain’, and woven tweeds.
I will document all experimentation in an a4 sketchbook, as well as keeping a diary on my blog. Finally, i will professionally mount my 10 designs with supporting CAD visuals.