IG Design Group trip

While i catch up with Level 5 modules, it is important that I keep up to date with Level 6 modules in hope that i can rejoin the course as soon as possible!  I arranged a trip to IG Design Group where they presented to us a live brief that we will be following during the new term. Should I be accepted onto Level 6, the company will be meeting with us for formative feedback throughout the project and rewards once we have completed the project.

To start, the Head of Creative, Sarah Barker, gave us an overview of the company.  IG Design group are a design group who design, manufacture, source and distribute products under the categories of celebration, stationary and creative play. I was surprised to learn just how big the company is, with operations in Europe, Aisa, America and Australia. Some of their customers include Tesco, Poundland and Ikea. As a company, IG Design group feel as though it is important to consider sustainability and the environment and make effort to educe waste and recycle materials.

We then had a tour of the studios, offices, and showrooms where we saw the design process in motion. It was great to see everything begin from the trend research and initial designs being drawn to the studios where prototypes of final designs were being made and then to the graphic design department where the products would be photographed for magazines and finally the showrooms.

I feel as though this is a great opportunity that i do not want to miss and I hope that I can progress onto level 6 so that I can work on this project as soon as possible.


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