Consultancy; Initial Idea’s

After trend researching and visiting the IG Design Group warehouse, i already have some idea on what direction i would like to go in to, should i be accepted into Level 6.

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 15.47.38

I am inspired by the WGSN trend forecast ‘Creative Manifesto’ for S/S ’19. This trend is influenced by self expression and creativity and includes bold, primary colours with a graphic style. I kept this trend in mind while walking around the IG Design Group warhorse and i felt as though it would be applicable to the birthday event section of their everyday market. The primary colours would make my collection suitable for both male and female, while the graphic, expressionist style would be suitable for both adult and children.

I would like to design for IG Design group’s Giftmaker Collection where i will be producing a co-ordinatin range of paper based greetings products to include a gift wrap roll and sheet, gift bag, gift tag, ribbon, gift bow and a greeting card. I have chosen Option 1 as i feel as though my theme will enable me to have lots of fun when designing and coordinating my designs and because i don’t feel confident in option 2, which includes producing a range of 8 gift cards.

During this module i would like to focus on being a printer and a stitcher. When thinking about combining the brief with my chosen theme i have decided i would like to make the most out of all workshops and already have ideas on creating designs that involve screen printing, hand embroidery, and appliqué. I would like to experiment with making paper out of recycled materials such as egg boxes and old magazines as well as incorporating confetti that i will make myself to create a speckled and fun birthday print. I would also like to experiment with other arts and crafts such as using yarn to create pompoms and fringing that could be used for an alternative to ribbon.

I am inspired by the likes of Liz Payne, an Australian based artist who explores the combination of ‘art’ and ‘craft’. She combines paint and thread to create a variety of artworks that are bold and colourful and creates textured expressionist prints.



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