Paper Making

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I have just attempted to make a sample of paper from recycled magazines. To start, i cut the magazines into small pieces and added water. This had to be left for a couple of hours to soak until it had gone soft and mushy. While i left the scraps of paper to soak, i went to buy a small hand blender and a splatter screen. I then used the blender to blend the mushy paper scraps into a thick pulp, and pressed them onto the splatter screen, which acted as a cheaper alternative to – and was more accessible than – a mould and deckle. Once i had squeezed enough water out, the paper has to be left to dry. From researching online, this could take up to a few days to dry.

The paper is looking an overall grey colour as i had mixed lots of different coloured paper. I would like to pick specific colours to blend to create an overall colour taken from the tree forecast for earthed and inspired by my satellite imagery. I am happy with the speckled look that it has as i feel it is a camouflaged pattern like the patterns seen in earth.

I don’t have much time to complete my 10 samples for this project, and this is very time consuming. I wanted to use this as a test piece and wait until it had dried before i continued to experiment further, however, I’m going to have to make some more now to save some time.


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