Its less than 6 days until our formative assessment point via oral presentations. We have to display and present at least 12 final designs and i am not yet happy with any of my designs to be final yet. I have spent the entire day searching for more inspiration of satellite imagery and products that are already on the market and are also inspired by satellite imagery. These screenshots from google earth make me want to change my entire colour chips, i think they work really well together.
Baja California, MexicoLake Moore, Western AustraliaLake Mackay, AustraliaCurtis Island, AustraliaRocky Point, Senora, MexicoYeo Lake, Western Australia


I have been worried about not getting any printed designs completed on time for the formative assessment point, but after speaking to Keirene and Helen, they both advised to just complete my designs in digital format and print them. This has made me feel a lot less stressed and actually works better for my hypothetical design company, House of Hackney, as my designs need to be versatile and easily transferable onto fabric and paper and will most likely be digitally printed.

I also have until June to complete my full body of work as this is only a formative assessment point. I look forward to working on my collection from the feedback that i will receive and completing the whole project of work to as high a standard as i can.


As part of our deliverables for Tuesday 28th of March we need to show our designs in alternative colour ways and to group designs together to show coordination. House of Hackney also produce their designs in different colour ways and are always matching up their designs with each other.


The above image is a photo of their shop or Shoreditch Hight St. It features different designs and designs in different colour ways from their Hackney Empire collection. The wallpaper is Hackney Empire in Midnight and Hackney Empire in Midnight Stripe. The sofa is Hackney Empire Topsy Turvy Velvet Midnight. The cushions are Hackney Empire Cotton Orche Stripe and Hackney Empire Topsy Turvy Velvet Pink.


The above image features Limerence Ink. They have used the same design in the same colour way on the walls, sofa, cushion and lampshade but have changed the fabric. House of Hackney are well known for their matchy-matchy interiors and matching the same design though out the whole room.