Earthed A/W 16/17


Based on the WGSN theme ‘Earthed – Autumn/Winter 16/17’
Earthed explores nature through Autumn and Winter. It is inspired by irregular geological patterns, cold atmospheres, florals, autumn/winter landscapes, growth and decay and new earthy, science discoveries.
Im not happy with this mood board. I don’t think it gives the general feel of the theme, i don’t think the images fit well together and i think i need more images. I hope that i get a chance to improve on it.


Colour & Texture.
Based on the WGSN theme ‘Earthed – Autumn/Winter 16/17’
Inspired by nature, fabrics mimic irregular geometrical patterns and wild florals. They are soft and lightweight, feeling natural and pure against the skin. The colour palette is made up of saturated brights and earthy darks of Autumn. I will reflect nature in print, texture and pattern and using fabrics such as velvet, silks and satins, I will explore existing fabrics as well as new natural made fabrics.


Client Profile.
Agent Provocateur’s target market is women within the A, B or C1 social-economic groups and within the age of 20-50 years. These women are modern, professional, independent women who want to feel confident from the boardroom to the bedroom. They like spending money on luxurious items whether its on items for their homes or for products that lay against their skin. They shop at other high end fashion stores and read fashion magazines.


Company Profile.
  This board is made up of Agent Provocateurs market competitors. There are different markets within the lingerie market; comfort and fit makes up the practical end of the market and individuality and seduction makes up the adorn end of the market. Brands often struggle to span all of these together leaving them competing towards different customer needs.

Agent Provocateur
A high end lingerie company that produce luxurious and sometimes daring lingerie and nightwear, focusing on creating new and upcoming stylish pieces as well as being the perfect fit to every woman. They are also well known for their theatrical cat walk shows to display their new collections. 

Marks and Spencers
A lingerie brand that focus’ on comfort and practicality when producing lingerie, nightwear and shape wear.

Victoria’s Secret
Another high end lingerie brand made popular with its celebrity models and also known for producing theatrical cat walk shows.

Ann Summers
Another daring lingerie brand like Agent Provocateur but with not as high a price or quality. 

Adore Me
This brand offers stylish lingerie as well as offering to plus sizes.


Did somebody call a doctor?

For this field module i will be learning about what it means to study a Doctoral Research Degree and how i might prepare for one in the future. In the next coming weeks i will be meeting Drs within the art school and listening to their stories on becoming one.
Although i wasn’t able to have an input on what i would have liked to study for field this year, i am glad that i’ve ended up in this group. I had no idea about post-graduate studies or what possibilities are available after completing my under-graduate degree, but todays seminar was full of useful information and I’m beginning to have an insight as to whats available to me in the future.
By the end of the project i would have created a short presentation on my own ideas for a possible research project.

What is a ‘PhD’?
‘PhD’ stands for ‘Doctor of Philosophy’. It is a type of degree that involves carrying out years of independent research on an original topic.

Before next session i need to come up with an idea for my own research project thats within my interest and present it to the group.

5th October

Agent Provocateur store & V&A Undressed exhibition. 
After months of wanting to visit the Undressed exhibition at the V&A today, I somehow managed to miss my coach from uni. I was really looking forward to it and so enthusiastically hopped on the next coach to London.

Having had to find my own way to the museum, I accidentally stumbled across an Agent Provocetuer store. I had researched the company the night before and found out that they are sponsors for the undressed exhibition. Although I wasn’t allowed to take any photos, I did mange to pick up a visual booklet on last seasons products. It was good to see and get a feel of their products rather than viewing them in magazines and online. I had never realised how delicate their fabrics are. One of my favourite current collections of theirs is ‘June’, made of silk stretched satin with a 1930’s like floral print. The price for this collection ranged from briefs at £65 to a kimono and romper at £495 each something that i wish i could afford. Seeing as the romper costs more than it did to buy my car, i don’t think i’ll be purchasing it any time soon.

I had a great time wandering around the Undressed exhibition at the V&A Museum! It featured over 200 examples of underwear from the 1800’s as well as word from current designers and companies such as Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, Paul Smith, Marks and Spencer and Agent Provocateur. It showed shape wear and undergarments though out history that completely changed the silhouette to match with current fashions as well as advertisements.

Harriet Popham – Print Designer

Harriet Popham is a local, illustrative print designer from Somerset. I came across Harriet a few years ago through mutual friends sharing some of her work on Facebook. It instantly caught my interest as I was just learning how to use free machine embroidery myself at college.

Harriet uses print and embroidery to illustrate architecture and animals, inspired by places that she has visited or by her surroundings. Her work reminds me of artist Laura McCafferty – who illustrates scenes using free machine embroidery and appliqué.

After researching big high street brands and designers so far I thought it would be great to look at local designers. As this project is about who we are and who we aspire to be as a designer, Harriet is a great example of this. I would love to create my own brand with my own style, creating work for myself and for commissions after graduating.

Hopeless Lingerie

After researching into Agent Provocateur i immediately thought about Hopeless Lingerie, a brand that i came across on Instagram and have been following for a while. I am drawn to their gothic approach to lingerie and links to horror film.

Hopeless Lingerie is an internationally recognised lingerie brand created by Gabrielle Adamidis in 2008. Her designs are ‘dark, modern and romantic’ and often inspired by lingerie or women in horror film.

ethical issues/recycling programme/environmental 
Each hopeless collection features Deadstock fabric, that of which has been thrown away from other designers due to their imperfections.

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Editorial dedicated to Cassandra from Wayne’s World.



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Agent Provocateur is a globally recognised lingerie brand founded in 1994 and inspired by vintage underwear, theatre and fantasy. AP’s unique brand image is about confidence, being provocative, celebrating the female form, empowerment and femininity.

ethical issues/recycling programme/environmental awareness/sustainability:
I haven’t been able to find any information on Agent Provocateurs ethical issues, recycling programs, environmental awareness or sustainability. When searching for ‘Agent provocateur sustainability’ all that i can find is other companies asking you to nudge them to become more sustainable. If i was to chose them as my company to hypothetically commission me then perhaps it could be to help create a more sustainable collection.

In this video from the Agent Provocateur youtube channel the creative director, Sarah Shotton explains the inspiration and thoughts behind the brand.

I have always had a slight obsession with lingerie and would really like to gain the skills of making some myself. I like that that lingerie can be strong and empowering but can also be pretty and delicate. I also really like delicate fabrics such as lace and silk. I can see myself creating fabrics using devoué on velvet, designing a digital graphic print that could be printed onto silk or even perhaps embroidering onto mesh fabric. Lingerie and femininity are also subjects that are going to feature in my dissertation and is something that i’ve always been interested in. I think it would be great if i could tie the two subjects together. AP is also sponsoring and featuring in the ‘Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear’ exhibition in the V&A that i am visiting tomorrow, so i hope to get lots of information from this.